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Journey’s End

I am very excited to be playing the role of Trotter in Journey’s End at the Rhodes Theatre in Bishop Stortford
It is a Contexture Theatre production and it will run from the 7th to the 14th of October. Here is the website
Journey’s End is set in the trenches near Saint-Quentin, Aisne, in 1918 towards the end of the First World WarJourney’s End gives a glimpse into the experiences of the officers of a British Army infantry company in World War I. The entire story plays out in the officers’ dugout over four days from 18 March 1918 to 21 March 1918, during the run-up to the real-life events of Operation Michael.
Journey’s End was written by English playwright R. C. Sherriff. It was first performed in 1928, starring a young Laurence Olivier.
Sherriff considered calling it “Suspense” and “Waiting”, but eventually found a title in the closing line of a chapter of an unmentioned book: “It was late in the evening when we came at last to our journey’s end”.


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