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Round up of 2012 and 2013 Attack

Well here we are 2013 and it’s all going to be different. No really it is. Ok it probably won’t be, but to be fair 2012 was a pretty packed year and if we (all of us here at David Whitney that is) can build on 2012 successes I’ll be very happy, yes we all will.

So what was so great about 2012? Well…

We put the final touches to my short film “Off the Charts” staring Hal Cruttenden, Jenny Harold and myself and I hope to be screening it at a hand full of festivals in 2013.
I performed my debut solo Stand Up hour at the Edinburgh Festival which after a slow first 2 weeks (in hind sight producing a debut show when the Olympics has come to your country might not have been the best move in the world) we managed to sell out the last 10 shows.

And then I filmed my first ever lead in a feature film “Heckle”

We shot it in one month just outside York and it will hopefully be premièring at this year’s Cannes film festival. The film is about an arrogant London based comic finding himself out of favour and out of sorts, so not based on any one I know then. The film is written by my good friend Mark Brown who also wrote “Off the Charts” and 2 other short films “Stalker” and “Beard” that I was also in. For keeping up to date with “Heckle” and dates of screenings please check out its Facebook page

So on to 2013, hopefully there will be anther feature film but I can’t really talk about that yet. On the Stand up front, I’ve already done a couple of gigs and am starting to work on my new hour. I had a lot of fun bening a guest on the Americarnage podcast episode 88 discussing my guilty passion of all things NFL .  Last but not least a film a made in Scotland a few years ago

“The Space Between” is finally having its London Premier.

It will be screened at the Genesis Cinema in Mile End on the 24th of January here is the cinema and the facebook page hope you can make it.
Hope 2013 is starting well for you!


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